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Temporary Accommodation Handbook – Refugee Action December 2020

Refugee Action has prepared a Temporary Accommodation Handbook in collaboration with Asylum Matters, Immigration Law Practitioner’s Association (ILPA), DPG Law and others. The Handbook aims to provide practical guidance, resources, and support for organisations working with people residing in hotels and barracks. It can be accessed here:

This is a collaborative document and we welcome inputs from organisations working with people in hotels and barracks. If you want to contribute experiences or resources, you can edit or add content to the most suitable section. Refugee Action will be monitoring the Handbook to ensure editorial consistency and avoid duplication. Please be friendly and keep things tidy. And do add yourself and a link to your organisation in the List of Contributors! [email protected]

LMP Comment – this doc is still a work in progress, and resources for Y&H are not well described. It would be great if LMP members could add things to this shared resource, especially about resources to help with the basic needs of people in Hotel Initial Accommodation. 

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