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Notes from Leeds MultiAgency Meeting, January 9th 2017

Attendees: Ghezae (Red Cross), Catherine (Manuel Bravo), Lorna (Y&H RAA), Richard (Ref Council), Paula (Hammla), Lizzie (Ashiana), Liz (Migration Yorkshire), Sanjeev (PAFRAS), John (Touchstone), Anne (Solace), Nola (Freelance Trainer), Marvina (Angels of Youth), Gina (Connect for Health), Roger (RETAS), Mikalos (Leeds Beckett), Ali (LRF), Andrew (LRF), Riley (LASSN), John (York Street Medical Practice), Ruth (PAFRAS […]

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Notes from Leeds MultiAgency Meeting, 3rd October 2016

Attendees: See the list; Apologies: Jon Beech (LASSN), Muhammed Nayyer Refugee Council Agenda; Richmond Hill Recreation Centre –  Ali Mahgoub, APPG Inquiry into Refugees – Lorna Gledhill, Haamla Midwives and destitution, Paula; Migration Yorkshire update, Bill Dennis; Ashiana  supporting people experience trafficking, Lizzie, UPDATE FROM THE ROOM. Richmond Hill – Depot: Ali Mahgoub, two employees […]

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Still Human, Still Here Papers: July 2016

An extraordinarily dense amount of info here – so here’s a summary of things that stood out Action points from the SHSH Quarterly Meeting in July included info on Impact of SHSH lobbying on Country Information Guidance Outcome of Immigration Bill DWP and payments to new Refugees, and impact of Universal Credit in North East […]

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