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Special LMP Zoom Meeting 7th July 2020 12:30 – 14:00

It’s been 95 days since lockdown, and it’s been doing quite a lot of people’s heads in.

And as activists, volunteers, staff and allies, when we’re trying to help other people who are having tough times, it’s important we are also kind to ourselves.

So, the first 30 minutes of the next LMP Zoom call will be business as usual with a roundup of changes and developments

And the last hour will be given over to Anna from Leeds Methodist Mission, who will be leading an exercise and a discussion exploring wellbeing.

It is an opportunity to take some time to focus on

  • what is going well for you at the moment and
  • working out what could be better.

The final15 minutes of this session will be led by Tim of Blackbird Mindfulness, giving us a gentle intro to mindfulness.

Please bring paper, pen and coloured pens/pencils (if you have them, don’t worry if you don’t)

It is also totally fine to skip the first 25 minutes, and land at 12:55 in time for the good stuff.

Please tell your colleagues. (And if you need to persuade your boss that this is a good use of your time, tell them it’s a workshop about creating and sustaining a resilient workforce)  

Meeting URL:
Meeting ID: 831 7501 5942
Password: 638606

Thannks everyone, and see you there

Anna, Julie, Mary, Ali, Karen, Jon and Daniel

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