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Resource of the Week: LawWorks – free legal advice to small not for profits helping refugees in the UK

LawWorks run a Not-for-Profits Programme, which focuses on providing assistance to small not-for-profit organisations who themselves have legal queries or issues.

The Programme aims to help organisations working with vulnerable and disadvantaged people, including refugees and asylum seekers. 

They say:

“As you will see from our website (, we are able to find free legal assistance for not-for-profits relating to the following issues:
Our volunteers can advise eligible organisations on intellectual property, employment, property, tax, commercial/contract, insurance, insolvency, data protection, defamation, and company law.  Our volunteers can also advise on amending or updating articles.


“Applicants must also meet our eligibility criteria (, the main points being that

      • the organisation should have an income of less than £500,000 per annum (though we are able to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis); and
      • must help people who are vulnerable and disadvantaged.

The one caveat is that the majority of beneficiaries must be in the UK (this is because our volunteers practice English and Welsh law; and due to our funders’ criteria. In practice, it would mean that eligible organisations would primarily have to assist refugees and asylum seekers currently on UK soil).  

If interested, organisations can apply to LawWorks for free legal assistance by filling out a short application form (

If any organisations apply, they should specify that they were referred to LawWorks by Solidarity with Refugees.”

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