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Resource of the week: launched by Refugee Action

If you’re one of those people who has received the Drs of the World Coronvirus Guidance for the 20th time this week, you may feel less than excited to find out there is “another” migrant focused Cornavirus guide. 

But Refugee Action’s document is the document you’ll be returning to over and over in the next few months. It is chock full of brilliance – gathering up the best of what’s out there already – name checking the positive practice from folks like PAFRAS and St Augustine’s and DASH along the way – as well as including things that Senior managers and Trustees  should be all over – like NACCOM’s review of pre-payment cards and Catalyst’s guide to remote working

It’s also published as a Google doc, allowing other people to add comment and contribute. Open, generous, accurate, and accessible: quite honestly, it’s the C-19 pages of the LMP blog that we would have written if we’d had time/resource. This is a national org operating at their very best, and so we ain’t complaining. 

Please enjoy/contribute/share

“This handbook focuses on drawing together frontline organisations’ current and longer-term approaches and strategies to adapting their services and delivering support. It is not designed to be a service directory or map operational updates. It will signpost to but not duplicate the excellent advice, resources and policy updates that have been produced and are already in the public domain.”

It’s been produced by

“The Refugee Action Good Practice and Partnerships Team [who] aim… to connect, inform and support a critical network of frontline UK refugee and asylum organisations to deliver and redesign their services to remotely meet beneficiaries’ needs and find new ways of responding effectively to the current crisis.”


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