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Resource of the Week #76: Social Activities & Support

At RETAS we have developed some resources using a tool called Padlet on which we have been displaying recurring social activities and support groups for signposting refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants. We are trying to expand the use of these and have a number of other organisations now collaborating on this. 

Here are the links to the various Padlets:

Community Groups & Activities:

Health & Wellbeing:

Active Lifestyle:

Women’s Groups:

Men’s Groups:

Families & Children:

These links allow you to view but not edit. If you would like to support with these please get in touch with Georgia at [email protected] and we can add you as an editor or administrator for your organisation. 

Please bear in mind that activities may fluctuate and that we cannot guarantee that they will always still be available, but we try to keep it as up to date as possible. 

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