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Resource of the Week #63 – Civil Society Futures

You may remember a few months ago some stuff in the press about #CivilSocietyFutures  – a massive consultation asking citizens, 3rd sector orgs, public services etc asking what they think the future of Civil Society in England might look like – and with a particular focus on “race” and racialised groups, and the role of BME communities and BME-led/focused orgs in Civil Society.

What’s fallen out of this consultation the idea that by developing a shared understanding of of what Civil Society is all about, and what it’s trying to achieve, we’ll all do better. The folks behind the consultation refer to this vision as PACT: a shared commitment to issues of Power, Accountability, Connection and Trust.

Here’s a 2 minute video explaining what they are on about

This isn’t just about the folks who think they’re in charge – your managers, directors, Trustees and Governors – it’s about all of us who reckon to be making Leeds (and the rest of the world) slightly better.

That said, it would be a good idea to ask your managers/directors/Trustees and Governors what they think of this, and how they are ensuring your org is responding to the challenges and if they have heard about the toolkit.

As we already mentioned, an important part of this consultation was also discussions of “Race” and Ethnicity and the role of BME communities and BME led/focused orgs in Civil Society.


It is well worth your time – in particular about the lingering fears and anxieties (of some people) about discussing “race” and ethnicity, and the impacts this has on people from BME communities and the organisations which serve them.

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