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RESET Yorkshire Community Sponsorship Networking Event, 25th Nov 17.30-19.30

From RESET Communities and Refugees

Community Sponsorship empowers people across the UK to welcome refugees into their local communities and support them as they rebuild their lives in safety. Up and down the country, communities have made the amazing decision to welcome and support a refugee family.
Community Sponsorship Groups make a formal commitment to provide support for a refugee family for one year. This support includes: meeting the family at the airport, providing a warm welcome and orientation, organising language tuition, and supporting access to medical services, social services, education and employment.
Before the refugee family arrives, the Group must also source accommodation for the refugee family to rent and raise £9,000 to contribute towards the initial costs that the family will incur when they first arrive (e.g. purchasing school uniforms, the first month of rent). The family will be entitled to apply for benefits so they will not need to rely on donations after this intial period.

We heard from Community Sponsorship Groups that you wanted to meet with other Groups to share experiences — here is your opportunity!

We’ll be talking really honestly about the Community Sponsorship experience. We’ll look at how the things that you’ve done can be used to help other Community Sponsorship Groups across the UK and how the programme can be improved.

Reset will be posing questions and themes for you to talk about during the session but the direction of the event will be shaped by you!

If you’ve been thinking about getting involved in Community Sponsorship and would like to know where to start, please come along!

Where: Voluntary Action Leeds, 34 Lupton Street, LEEDS, LS10 2QW

When: Monday 25th November 2019 17.30-19.30

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