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Research: Understanding how gambling may impact on migrants – Leeds Event 29th November

The findings of research conducted in Leeds into the effects of gambling on migrant communities were shared at an event at the Carriageworks on Thursday 29th November by academics from Kings College London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine

The main conclusions were 

  • Migrants and migrant communities are considered to be at risk of gambling-related harm due to their socioeconomic and personal circumstances, the UK’s gambling culture and lack of appropriate leisure activities in the UK.
  • Migrants appear to experience similar gambling-related harms to the general population but there is evidence of a ‘harm paradox’ where migrants are less likely to gamble but more likely to experience gambling-related harms.
  • Concerns that social isolation and difficulties with integration may impact on migrants’ gambling participation.
  • Concerns that migrants may not fully understand the risks associated with gambling and consequently may experience gambling-related harm.
  • Trust, confidentiality, stigma and shame are interwoven with barriers to help-seeking which need to be addressed.

You can see a longer summary of the findings here


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