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Reports and policy documents discussed at the Leeds Strategic Migration Board: Joint Strategic Assessment, EU Settlement Scheme, and Citizens’s rights in the event of a no deal Brexit

LMP reps attended the Strategic Migration Board on 14th December (See “How does LMP influence things?“) where a number of important policy papers were discussed in some detail.  We’ll circulate the papers from this meeting as soon as we are gioven permission to do so. For the time being, here are some of the papers discussed – that are already in the public domain.

The first was a fascinating overvview of the draft Joint Strategic Assessment for Leeds (formerly known as the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment). This is a kind of “State of the City” report which brings together info on demographics, health, economy, crime, housing to help Leeds focus its energies on the most pressing tasks to hand. 

A draft summary can be found here. Please note – this is not the final document and has been copied from the publicly available bundle of papers included in the Dec 18 Health and Wellbeing Board

We then went on to discuss the impact of Brexit on EU Migrants and the EU Settlement Scheme.You can find out more information on this in the previous link as well as reading a summary below

Then we discussed the Government’s Policy paper on citizens’ rights in the event of a no deal Brexit

In addition, we discussed the launch of the LCC Language Hub funding


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