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Refugee Week – yes, it could still happen, if you want it to!

Refugee week is 15 – 21st June 2020 – and this year’s theme is “Imagine”

A few of us had a meeting a few weeks back to talk about what was possible – there were Galas planned, exhibitions, cultural days, Theatre performances and football festivals. And we planned to come together again to catch up on Thursday 9th April at 2pm.

Many of these plans are now just not possible. But we reckon there’s still lots we can do, online. And – remember there are thousands of children out there who are very very bored – and this could be a great way of reaching out to them and their families

Also, the cost of the events you were putting on could be used to provide refugees and asylum seekers with extra phone credit, to help them to participate in online events

Here are some of the ideas we’ve had so far

  • Host an online Q&A about your work/organisation – invite people to come and have a chat and find out more about what you do
  • An online podcast/music/book/film/tv club – choose something to read/watch/listen to, and then meet up to have a chat about it, using skype/zoom   
  • Turn a Powerpoint presentation into a film and post it on youtube, insta or facebook – about cooking your favourite recipe, describing something or somewhere you love
  • An online gallery of photos or photo-essay – arrange photos to tell a story
  • Host a virtual Dance party – meet up on twitter or facebook and suggest tunes to one another.  
  • Arrange an online tour of a refugee campand then meet up afterwards on Facebook or twitter to discuss what you found

If you are interested in bouncing some ideas about, come and join us on Thursday 9th April at 2pm at let’s use our imaginations. Details below

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