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Refugee Week: plaster casting workshops with Eva Mileusnic at Left Bank

via [email protected]

“From 18th-22nd June, Left Bank are hosting plaster casting workshops with artist Eva Mileusnic. The casts will be used as part of an installation celebrating the multicultural diversity of our city, which will be hosted by Left Bank in January 2019. 

These three hour workshops can be held at Left Bank, or an alternative venue if that is more suitable for the group, and there are places for up to twenty people on each one. You can find more details in the flyer attached.

We are keen to offer these workshops to refugee and asylum seeker groups in the first instance, although we will offer them out more widely if the slots are not all taken.

If you would like to book a workshop, either for an existing group or a group brought together for the occasion, please [email protected] know your preferred date and time (or a range of possible dates and times if you are able to be flexible) by May 21st.”

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