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Refugee Week Day 5: Friday 19th June 2020 – Musicultural Conversations in association with Leeds Church Institute

What activity are you planning? Musicultural Conversations – Come and join us for an hour of fun and interactive activities involving English conversation, movement and music.

Why should people come along/take part? This will be a chance to practice your spoken English in a fun way, to meet new people and learn about each other, and to share the joy of music and movement. We will also teach you a song to help you to introduce yourself!

When will it happen? Friday 19th June, 12:30-13:30, with a test run from 12:00-12:30 for people who are new to Zoom.

Who do you want to come along? The session is for refugees, asylum seekers, members of other migrant communities and friends.

It’ll be on Zoom. The link is: password is ‘music’.

Will people need to prepare anything in advance to take part? It will help if you’ve used Zoom before, so please come to the Zoom test run at 12:00 if you are new to Zoom.

Thanks to funding from Leeds Inspired (part of Leeds City Council), we will also be running a weekly online session for four weeks, starting in w/c 29 June. Dates and times TBC.

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