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Refugee Week Day 2: Tuesday 16th June 2020 – A football Quiz instead of the Refugee World Cup

What activity are you planning? Virtual Football Quiz – For anyone who enjoys the beautiful game! This is a light-hearted quiz, with multiple-choice rounds on The World Cup, The Premier League, football shirts, spot the ball and the comical ‘what happens next’ round.

Why should people come along/take part? –  As it’s not possible to hold the annual Refugee Football World Cup, we thought we would fill your footballing needs with the next best thing, a virtual quiz!

When will it happen? Tuesday 16th June, 19:30 – 20:30 (there’ll be test run for people who’ve not used Zoom before at 18:30)

Who do you want to come along? Everyone is invited. Refugees, supporters and allies. Anyone who likes playing football, watching football or just enjoys a good quiz. Feel free to play by yourself or make a team.

What is your preferred platform? It’ll be on Zoom. The link is The password is 572817.

Will people need to prepare anything in advance to take part?  Nothing. Just bring yourself (wearing a football shirt or scarf if you have one.)     





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