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Polish Heritage Day, 6th May

The Polish Embassies in London and Edinburgh, in order to promote positive links between Polish Communities in the UK and British Society, have introduced a Polish Heritage Day, which will take place on May 6 2017

The idea is to organise a wide range of events promoting Poland during the first weekend after Poland’s Constitution Day – 3 May.

In a letter to Polish organisations in the UK, Polish Ambassador Arkady Rzegocki wrote: “By demonstrating to our neighbours our openness, tolerance, commitment and friendly attitude, we are overcoming the stereotypes and display our resolve to have a say on how the affairs of our neighbourhoods are run”.

There will be plenty of opportunity to learn about Poland’s rich heritage, our country’s food, it’s arts and crafts, music and popular entertainment. This will also be an opportunity for local Polish businesses to advertise and promote themselves.

We count on your support in promoting this initiative by allowing us to display posters and leaflets in public spaces, and would also ask you to forward this to your colleagues and other interested parties.

I would be grateful if you could let me know when and where I could deliver promotional materials. Please feel free to contact me or members of the local administration of the Polish Catholic Mission in Leeds if you require any further information.

Warm regards.

Magdalena Ions

Chair, Local Administrative Council

Polish Catholic Mission – Leeds


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