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Peace of Mind: Tuesday 14 November 11:00-12:00 Rose Bowl 313

This session will introduce and discuss the work of the charity Peace of Mind.

Sara Fatima is a founding member of Peace of Mind, and the Samosa Sisters Women’s Empowerment group. Peace of Mind Communities is a charitable organisation committed to working with people seeking asylum and refugees in the Tyneside region.

Samosa sisters is a non-profit catering project to raise funds for the relief of poverty (destitution fund) to help vulnerable women with ”No recourse of public funds”.

Gateshead Youth Council work with these groups alongside Sara to help refugees and asylum seekers integrate into the community, and help them when public funding is not an option. Some of this work involves helping to alleviate holiday hunger, by providing essential foods to these families, and running free activities during the holidays for the children.

English lessons are also being held for the adults, and this will further help them in their transition into a new home and community.

Speakers: Sara Fatima, Dr Robin Redhead & Lucy Adams

Part of Leeds Beckett Uni’s Festival of Politics and International Relations. For more information, updates and to register go to

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