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On Our Doorstep plus Q&A @ Leeds Film Fest 15:45 on Wednesday the 10th November 2021

The Leeds International Film Festival is hosting a screening of the new Calais Jungle documentary, On Our Doorstep.

The film charts the unprecedented movement of European civilians who, in the absence of sufficient government action, rose to the aid of refugees in Northern France, and continue to fill the gaps today.  The ‘jungle’ may be destroyed, but the crisis continues. And with Choose Love pulling funding out of Calais, now more than ever we need to raise awareness. This film can do that.

On Our Doorstep will be playing at the Everyman Cinema at 15:45 on Wednesday the 10th November 2021. There will be a Q&A discussion with myself and others after both screenings.

I would hugely appreciate it if you could help us get the word out to anyone who might be interested in seeing our film. Either through newsletters and / or social media. Our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook handles are @onourdoorstepdoc.

You can watch the trailer and book tickets via this link…

 Thomas Laurance

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