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NRPF Network – new website Sept 22nd 2020

When we got an email eariler today, telling us the links to NRPFNetwork site were broken, our hearts sank. Had they not been paying their web-hosting costs? Had Islington Council (the people who host them) decided to pull the plug?

Turns out, the good people from the NRPF Network have been using all that working-from-home time to completely reboot their website. 

They’ve done a cracking job, too – the site is simpler, more user friendly, and will hopefully lead to better decision-making by Local Authorities (LAs) approached by individuals and families with “No Recourse to Public Funds”.  

As well as the detailed guidance for LAs, the NRPF Network say they

are acutely aware that it has never been more necessary to ensure that people living in the UK without access to mainstream benefits are able to understand their rights and entitlements to public services, so [sic] have provided information about how immigration status impacts on access to services in a format that will be accessible to members of the public and anyone advising a person who has no recourse to public funds about their support options.

Typos aside, this is really helpful (plus it’;s not like LMP isnt riddled with typas).

Here is the user-friendly section which most of us will find easies tot use, when advocating alongside or on behalf of folks with NRPF.  Click on or the graphic below to have a nosey around. 

Or, the main site, click on or the graphic below.

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