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NHS Overseas Visitors Charging Regulations Workshop on 6th June 2018

You may remember the Workshop held on June 6th to discuss NHS Overseas Visitors Charging Regulations.

Since then LMP have posted a revised briefing on charging from Asylum Matters

Here’s the write-up of the event from our colleagues at Public Health in Leeds: 

“By way of an update, in line with the feedback from the day, we as Leeds commissioners feel that we need to assist our providers by adopting a compassionate approach to applying the regulations and then provide clear guidance of that approach.

Our first step is to look at all our commissioned contracts to ascertain which do, or do not fall within the regulations. We are doing this exercise across the system and once we have progressed this work, if thought helpful, we will share our methods with our West Yorkshire colleagues. 

One of our CCG colleagues has already delivered some training to a number of front of house staff in primary care, including adopting Safe Surgeries principles. We plan to do further sessions and will be able to share feedback/details of the training in due course.

We have arranged a West Yorkshire wide meeting with NHS and Local Authority colleagues in order to share practice, learn from each other and develop a consistent approach as far as we possibly can.

Once we have finalised our approach and internally agreed some clear guidance for providers, we will consult further with you to ask if you can help us develop clear information that can then be disseminated to users through our third sector networks.

If having seen the output, you have any further questions, or ideas that would help us progress this work, please get in touch with [email protected].”


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