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New Voice and Influence opportunity for 16-24 year old refugees and asylum seekers

The Children’s Society is setting up a team of young refugees and asylum seekers aged 16-24 where the young people will be supported to have their voices heard, run campaigns and stand up for their rights. (We can be a bit flexible on age range if you have a young person who would be interested but is a bit too young)

It is a group for young people who may have strong views on justice or politics, want their neighbourhoods to improve, or who just want the opportunity to work on a meaningful project where they will gain new skills. If you are working with a young person who may be interested in joining this group, please could you share this leaflet and application form with them? The group starts on April 1st, and application forms need to be in by 18th March (although if someone wants to join later please ask as we may not fill the group in the first round of applications).

I am happy to meet up with young people to explain the group to them and help them fill in the application form.

Please get in touch with any questions, or to arrange a meeting to learn more about the project (t: 0113 387 6410, m: 07710 395 673, e: [email protected])

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