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New Referral Form for “Vulnerable Groups” – Migrant Help

Migrant Help have introduced a new referral form for vulnerable groups (see form for full definition) in lieu of no outreach provision in Leeds.

Who can you refer?

An asylum seeker at any stage of the asylum process who is vulnerable or is experiencing difficulty accessing or engaging with our free Helpline.

Who is vulnerable?

“Migrant Help defines a vulnerable person as:

  • A disabled person;
  • An elderly person;
  • A pregnant woman;
  • Lone parent with a child;
  • A person who has been subjected to torture, rape or other serious forms of psychological, physical or sexual violence;
  • A victim of human trafficking;
  • A minor;
  • Any person identified in 1-7 above who has had an individual evaluation of their situation that confirms they have special needs;
  • A person that has an inability to access services by website or telephone advice line.”

How can you refer?

The referrals should come through to the email address, [email protected]

What will happen next?

Our team in Wakefield will contact the client directly by phone to assess the case and action accordingly. We will aim to follow up as soon as possible (can’t promise specific timescale). 

What if they person doesn’t meet our cirteria?

If clients who do not meet the criteria are referred, they will be signposted to the Helpline.


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