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Migration and the City: Imagining and Making Urban Lives – 22nd November

Researchers from the University of Leeds in collaboration with LASSN and Touchstone are looking for new residents in Leeds to participate in a creative workshop as part of their research project: “Migration and the City: Imagining and Making Urban Lives”

 Where: The Holbeck (the oldest social club in Britain!) * Jenkinson Lawn, Holbeck Leeds LS119QX

When: 22 of November 11-3pm

Who may be interested in taking part?

All newcomers to Leeds, recent or longer term migrant and British residents interested in sharing their experience of living and working in the city, finding out more about how Leeds works, where to find key information and resources, share information and connect with people from different communities.

*Please note: Travel expenses to the Holbeck will be covered and a voucher  of £10 will be offered as a gift to all the participants.

Another reason to take part: a free lunch and an opportunity to socialise! (it will include shawarma wraps, chickpea salad and fatoush salad)

Why we are doing this?

We  are interested in the ways Leeds is transforming and in how new residents from different backgrounds with different migration stories experience the city and try to make a good life here. What are our favourite places and spaces? Where can we find out important information and resources for ourselves and our communities?

The results of this creative workshop will lead to a “city walk” with new residents and migrant supprt groups in the Spring 2020 to which participants are also welcome.



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