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Migrant Info Hub news feed now embedded on the LMP Blog (plus Google Translate)

Last week, we said we’d be posting a weekly digest of news posts from the excellent Migrant Information Hub website. 

We’ve changed our minds.

Instead  – thanks to the wondrous 20thC web technology known as RSS – all the MIH news posts now appear on the right hand side of the LMP home screen. This means you only need to check one website for news updates (although there are loads of things being updated and added all the time in the other sections, which don’t actually appear in the News section – so remember to keep visiting to find the updates they don’t announce) 

Whilst we were at it, we also added the Third Sector Leeds Daily Briefings   [edit 28.4.20: this feed was removed following TSL’s announcement that daily briefings would stop. Instead, all info can now be found here] 

Finally, we’ve also added a widget on the right hand side that translates the LMP Blog via Google Translate. Why anyone would need to read this lot in Esperanto is anyone’s guess, but hopefully this will be of use to someone

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