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Massively short notice of an event: Seeking your input for Migrant Help new advice contract consultation – 13th February

via Mary at Asylum Matters

I’ve been invited by Migration Yorkshire to attend a consultation/discussion event with Migrant Help on the new AIRE contract and I want to make sure I am raising the concerns of the voluntary sector and wider community at the event so they can be taken into account in the development of the new service.

The new contract means Migrant Help will continue to provide info and advice  but will also be receiving reports of any issues with asylum accommodation and will play a key role in move-on support providing advice after a positive decision.

So far I am thinking of raising the following points/lines of enquiry:

  • Highlight past problems with reporting asylum accommodation issues to providers, in particular the length of delays between reporting and action to resolve issues, and find out how MH will improve on this. Case studies could be helpful to illustrate this. 
  • Seek a better understanding of the relationship between Migrant Help and accommodation providers; how will they monitor whether action has been taken to resolve issues reported and hold providers accountable if not?
  • What resources and what systems will be in place to deal with capacity issues as experienced with the current contract? (e.g. more staff, text and call back service to counter long phone waiting times, improved email monitoring/response etc)
  • What kind of face-to-face support will they be offering?
  • Move-on: How and what advice will they give after a positive decision and how do they intend to reach every service user to ensure people aren’t falling through the gaps (as is often the case with Post-grant appointment service)
  • Vulnerability: How will they define who is considered vulnerable (and therefore be afforded specific support and protections according to the contracts) and how will they raise awareness of the need to disclose vulnerability among service users? Will local support agencies be able to refer?

Any thoughts on the above are very welcome. And if you have anything else you want me to raise, please do let me know. I’m also available for a chat over the phone (07557982498). 

Unfortunately we haven’t been given a great deal of notice as the meeting is next week (Wednesday 13th February!) but let’s make sure we make the most of this opportunity to feed in as it may be our only one!

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