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Looking for an interesting meeting/hang-out space in Woodhouse?

We run Community Forest Garden in Woodhouse, and we have a little classroom/cabin on site (off grid, with heater and led lights).

We would like to make this space available as a community resource and particularly be available for activities that support asylum seekers and refugees. 

The whole project is totally grass-roots, set up by activist residents, and it has been a labour of love. 

The project is in its 7th year, and the garden is quite established, beautiful, abundant in wildlife.  The project is on 1/3 acre of open access council land in Woodhouse (near city Academy School) and although it is 1 min walk from Hyde Park corner you really don’t feel like you’re in the city, the space is unique and has a therapeutic benefit as a space to hang out, learn about plants and observe wildlife. 

We of course want to engage more volunteers with the project and we also run workshops on foraging, plant identification, forest gardening and whole host of other things. 
We would also like the classroom space to be used as a community hub for social and environmental radical action.  

Please get in touch if you would like to use our space and email us if you would like to be added to our email list.

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