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LMP Zoom Chat on 15th June 2021 will host Migration & Homelessness Working Group

Migration and Homelessness Action Group (Part of the Leeds Migration Partnership)
Tuesday 15th June, 12:30 – 1.45pm

The LMP meeting will start at 12.30 and the Homeless Charter agenda will run from 12.45 till 1.45pm.
The minutes from the last meeting are here.

Homeless Charter Agenda: 

  1. Lived experience stories and actions
  2. Supporting people with No Recourse to Public Funds / Memorandum of Understanding for services working with Destitute Asylum Seekers
  3. Asylum Seeker accommodation / MEARS / Reed in Partnership / evictions
  4. Homelessness as a grounds for refusing or cancelling leave to remain
  5. Move-on and Refugee accommodation
  6. EEA Nationals and Settled Status

Meeting link:

Meeting ID: 832 3684 6881



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