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LMP Zoom Catch-up, Tuesday 1st September 2020 12:30 – 13:45

This week, as well as the usual catch-up of developments across the sector, we also hope to focus on 

What can the sector do to better help asylum seekers in Hotels in Leeds?

Asylum Seekers have been housed in Leeds Hotels for at least 6 months, and will continue for the forseeable future. 

  • What – if anything – can LMP partners do to better help and support people living there, and the Mears staff supporting them?
    • Medical and food and communications needs are being met by Mears and partners – so how are we able to ensure they get access to the legal, mental health and social support people might require? 
  • If there was a need for new hotels to open in Leeds (as they have recently elsewhere in West Yorkshire) and how might LMP partners best respond?

Leeds Community Foundation Covid-19 Strategic Infrastructure Grants
A new fund has been announced by Leeds Community Foundation to help boost Startegic Infrastructure  in response to Covid-19/ You can read more about it here. Basically, the bigger the org that applies, the more money might be avilable.

The last 15 minutes of the meeting will be given over to as discussion of whether or not LMP partners intend to apply for this grant, singly or in partnership. The LMP Strategy Group are considering putting a proposal in, but before we deciode either way – we want to find out if anyone else has plans. Our plans so far are to ask for resource to

  • ensure involvement in Strategy Meetings across the city in line with our existing priorities (housing, health, employment and communithy safety
  • ensure better information about (and coordination of) online opportunities for asylum seekers ands refugees
  • investment in skills across the sector to ensure the provision and use of technology in supporting asuylum seekers, refugees and other migrants

Please come along and let us know what you think of these ideas, and if you think somone else should be taking the lead on this sort of thing.

Meeting ID: 893 0746 2755
Passcode: 739078

Thanks everyone, and see you there, we hope

Julie, Mary, Ali, Karen, Jon and Daniel

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