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LMP Zoom Catch-Up 12:30-13:45 Tuesday 26th October 2021

After a couple of false starts, we’re hoping this LMP will run smoothly from start to finish and we won’t lose our connection this time.   

Like we said last time – at the next LMP Lunchtime chat on Tuesday 26th October, we’ll be asking you to help us decide if we

  • keep these monthly online chats going
  • revert back to the old system of quarterly LMP Ops meetings
  • want future meetings of the Ops Group to meet face to face

As well as this, we’ll be discussing the outcomes of the LMP Strategy Workshop where participants said what they were interested in over the next couple of years. We’ll be having quick updates at the start, and discussing future LMP meetings from about 13:15 onwards

Before then, as usual, the topics of chat will be set by those who turn up.

Anyway – we hope to see you there

Please note the Zoom link

Meeting ID (If prompted) 4441508509

Thanks everyone, and see you there, we hope
Ali, Karen, and Jon from LMP

This is a meeting of the LMP Operations Group, the fortnightly lunchtime session, where

  • anyone can turn up,
  • we have a general chat about what’s up in Leeds
  • share new stuff
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