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LMP Strategy Group: Wednesday 8th September 2021 10am -12pm

Come along and make YOUR priorities a priority for LMP.

“The most enjoyable strategy meeting you’ll attend this side of Christmas. No grids or Red Amber Green traffic light ratings. No Key Performance Indicators or milestones, and no-one hassling you to do stuff you’re not that bothered about”

The Agenda and joining instructions can be found here

Zoom link:

As you’ll see from the papers, we’ll be spending most of the meeting thinking about the LMP priorities for the next couple of years:

  • what are we concerned about,
  • where can LMP members add value to things that are already happening?
  • who has time for what?
  • how might these tie into the new Migration Strategy 2021 – 2025 (and the ESOL Strategy).

You can see LMP’s previous priorities here but in-depth knowledge of these in advance is not needed. It would be useful (but not essential) to read the new Migration Strategy before you come.

Anyone can come to the Strategy Group – you don’t need an invitation or tell us you’re coming so long as

  • you attend the Operations Group regularly and/or
  • you share info via the LMP blog regularly AND
  • you agree to take on additional work related to the Partnership’s Priorities in an area where you have experience or interest

On the plus side, these jobs will

  • be chosen by you
  • be something you have a real enthusiasm for
  • connect to an existing piece of work you’ve already got planned
  • help improve the lives of Migrants in Leeds

Kindest regards
Ali, Daniel, Karen, and Jon

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