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LMP’s Blog performance Apr19 – Sep19

You’ll remember in April 19 we posted an end of year post about the LMP blog’s performance.

Here’s a 6 month interim report. We’ve used the graph of the last 2 years (below) for context


The number of website users and sessions remain pretty steady (as they have done over the last 2 years) but people are engaging with the content a lot more than they used to

In the last 6 months

  • Subscribers have increased by about 45% -from 343 to 494  
  • Users of the website have grown by about 20%
  • Website hits have gone up by about 10%
  • Posts: we’ve averaged about 37 posts a month, slightly more than last year (35)

Top posts of the last 3 months

Thanks to everyone who uploads, shares and reads this stuff.  It’s you that makes the LMP Blog what it is  


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