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LMP Chat on Tuesday 29th June 2021 – Meet the Politicians

Asylum Matters and LMP have invited all our local MPs to join LMP at 12:30 on Tuesday 29th June 2021, to have a chinwag about Leeds, Migration, Parliament – and to answer your questions.

  • What can MPs do to help migrants living in Leeds?
  • Can they have any impact on legislation?
  • Can they stop things from happening that they disagree with?
  • What are the opportunities presented by the new Regional Mayor?

So far, we have confirmation from Hilary Benn and Alex Sobel, local MPs. It’s not supposed to be a Labour Party stitch up, but the MPs who confirm are the MPs who confirm.

  • If you’d like a question – please click here and email it [email protected]. We’re gathering up questions in advance (a bit like Question Time) and will call on you in the meeting, so please ask your question in 50-60 words

Link:  (Meeting ID 7845298047)

After this LMP Lunchtime Chat, the chats will move to once every 4 weeks. So the next few dates will be

  • Tuesday 27th July 2021
  • Tuesday 24th August 2021
  • Tuesday 21st September 2021 etc 

Thanks everyone, and see you there, we hope
Ali, Karen, Jon and Daniel from LMP

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