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LMP Blog and Cybersecurity

You’d be surprised how many cyber attacks the LMP blog gets. This month we’ve had 25,316

As a comparison, the site has had just 42.  

There are several features that make LMP a target for cyber-attack

  • Subject: Migration, asylum and refuge
  • Platform: It’s a wordpress site, and wordpress sites account for 35% of all websites 

most importantly of all, we use

  • Plugins: – we use a fair number of these, to do things like embed documents
  • Website features: we allow people to upload/post their own content 

There are several things that help keep the LMP site as secure as it is, which we thought we’d share

  • the indefatigable efforts of [email protected] who keeps an eye on things for us
  • a really limited number of users
  • a strict policy of no plugins that haven’t been vetted first  – for example, we use Embed Any Document, and we keep the ones we have updated, and get rid of the ones we don’t use any more) 
  • the use of All In One WP Security and Firewall, Cloudflare, and Wordfence security plugins which help us to prevent bogus logins, and also detect malicious uploads.     

If you or someone you know maintains a wordpress site, please tell them about this post which is a guide to keeping your site nice and secure. 

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