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Leeds to get Local Authority Asylum Support Liaison Officers?

via Asylum Matters

“The Home Office and Department for Local Government are exploring a new joint initiative in which local authorities are invited to apply for funding for a ‘Local Authority Asylum Support Liaison Officer’ (LAASLO). LAASLOs are intended to “deliver a tailored support service to new refugees to facilitate their transition into mainstream society during and after the move on period by providing advice and information on essential services. For asylum seekers awaiting a decision, LAASLOs will help make them aware of the support available once a decision has been made as well as preparing them for the consequences of a negative decision by supporting a voluntary return to their home countries.”

The funding for these posts is coming from the Controlling Migration Fund and will cover the post for one year in 2018/ 2019 but local authorities are then expected to fund a further 12 months from their own finances.

Only 20 local authorities have been approached to deliver this service and they are listed in the briefing note available here.”

Leeds is one of these Local Authorities, as are Bradford, Sheffield and Kirklees

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