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Leeds Migration Partnership Strategy Meeting – 5th February 2020

The next LMP Strategy Group meeting will take place on Wednesday the 5th February 10-12:30pm.

As usual, the room will be available from 9am -1pm to allow for networking.

The meeting will be held at LASSN, Malmarc House, 116 Dewsbury Road, Leeds, LS11 6XD. For those not familiar with LASSN’s new site, a map of the venue can be accessed here.

The meeting papers can be found below.

The plan on a page can be accessed by following this link and downloading the document at the bottom of the webpage.

LMP’s action plan can be accessed if you follow this link and download the document at the bottom of the page.

We are looking forward to seeing you.
Daniel and Karen, Organisers of LMP Strategy Group

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