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Leeds Migrant Health Board – LMP report from 20th August

Name of meeting: Migrant Health Board

Date of meeting: 20th August 2019 

LMP Representative: Karen Pearse

Key issues/themes/messages

A member of the DV Team at Safer Leeds gave a presentation.

  • Police stats show that BAME representation in reporting incidents is disproportionately low.
  • The 2019 DV Bill contains no specific provisions concerning migrant women.
  • There is a NRPF toolkit on the Leeds DV website.

Heather Nelson from Black Health initiative gave a presentation about FGM, highlighting cases where girls and women have been abused in this way both within the UK and abroad.

  • BHI have developed a training package.
  • They are working with communities to raise awareness and challenge views.
  • Leaflets available from BHI

There was a presentation on Leeds’ ESOL strategy and Digital Inclusion Strategy. People with barriers of language and effective communication face similar issues to those with little or no digital skills. Therefore the ESOL team and 100% Digital Leeds are working together.

  • A further meeting will be brought together to look at how migrant communities may benefit from this work.

There was a presentation on the Strategic Approach to Migration in Leeds which was taken to the exec board in July. Available here: (previously posted here)

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