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Leeds Community Foundation are brilliant

Leeds Migration Partnership (LMP) are pleased and proud to announce our first ever wodge of funding – courtesy of the delightful people at Leeds Community Foundation and their Covid-19 Strategic Infrastructure Grants.

More details will follow but we wanted to share the headlines asap.

The £24.8k funding covers

  • A whole bunch of tech for Refugee Community Organisations (Laptops, WiFi, Printers) – to help them get online, and to play a greater role in LMP activities. This bit is going to be overseen by Leeds Refugee Forum. 
  • A directory of online resources for asylum seekers and refugees in Leeds who can’t get out of the house easily  – a bit like the ones produced by Jasmine at New Roots and the Padlets developed by Georgia at RETAS. We think Leeds City of Sanctuary are going to oversee this bit (it was their idea).
  • Money to pay people to prepare for/to attend strategic meetings on behalf of LMP – say goodbye to your group/organisation’s “capacity issues” and attend the meetings where decisions are made, knowing your org/group will get it will get £35 an hour to cover your costs. Attendees will have to commit to
    • preparing for, and
    • representing the views of LMP members at these meetings – and
    • feeding back to LMP members via the blog, and/or at meetings   
    • completing timesheets/declarations

Even so, this is a great recognition that participation costs, and that to get the voices of under-represented groups at meetings, we need to do things differently. The process for how we do this last bit will be decided by LMP Strategy Group, and will likely be administered by Leeds Asylum Seekers’ Support Network.

We’ve announced all this before we have all the infrastructure in place – so please don’t start emailing LRF asking for laptops or LASSN asking for £35 to attend meetings just yet.

We absolutely and definitely promise to let you know as soon as we have worked out how we’re going to do this (we only got news of this 2 hours ago) but we wanted you to know sooner rather than later – after all, the money will need to be spent by the end of March 2021 so we’ve not got long

Finally, massive thanks to Leeds Community Foundation for making all this possible. And in particular, for recognizing the importance of Refugee Community Organizations, and the many groups and organizations that make up the Leeds Migration Partnership.     

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