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Leeds Baby Bank

Leeds Baby Bank offers urgent support to expectant parents and families with children aged between 0-4 years who are struggling financially to meet their needs in the short term. This may be due to domestic violence, immigration, benefit cuts or sanctions, illness or disability – there are so many reasons we receive referrals that it would be impossible to list them all, but most of the referrals we receive are for service users who are vulnerable and have no recourse to public funding.

We offer everything one might need for a child within the catchment age group, from food, sanitary products and nappies, to pushchairs, cots and feeding equipment. Each referral is assessed individually by the referrer (social services, midwives, health visitors and so on) and the items requested are matched to that person’s immediate need.

Our aim is to provide the items that the food banks often don’t have, or have very limited supplies of. We aim to be not a long-term support, but a safety net for those in crisis or who are awaiting applications, who have been sanctioned or are unable to apply for public funding.

For more information click this article on the Leeds Community Foundation’s website



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