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LCC Guidance for Ramadan during COVID-19 Pandemic

On the 23rd of March 2020 the UK government officially announced all places of worship should close. This has now been extended for a further three weeks from the 16th of April 2020. This period of time extends significantly into the month of Ramadan.

Leeds City Council has worked closely with Muslim faith and community leaders to support Muslims in Leeds to meet their spiritual obligations. It remains essential that all Mosques and Madrassas continue with the suspension of all gatherings and remain closed to prayer, to ensure that we protect each
other and save lives and we ask that everyone please:

  • Observe Ramadan in the house that you live and do not go to family or friends houses or meet them outside of the home.
  • Pray at home, in the house that you live in with the people you share the house with and do not attend any mosque or the houses of family or friends to pray.
  • Do not leave the house to distribute food but donate online or via food banks instead.

Muslims in Leeds are already doing so much to support the efforts across the city at this difficult time and Leeds City Council acknowledges the difficulties that the current restrictions place on your activities during Ramadan and recognises the sacrifices that are being made by you and people of
other faiths in the city.

Thank you for your cooperation and for all you do to contribute to the civic and religious life of Leeds.

Stay Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.

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