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IOM LINK IT Host Community Session – Monday 29th October 10am – 4pm

LINK IT is an innovative project aimed at delivering better integration outcomes for Syrian refugees resettled from Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to Germany, Portugal, Romania and the United Kingdom.

The project focuses on strengthening the link between pre-departure and post-arrival integration support for refugees.

LINK IT activities will aim to develop and pilot a pre-departure skills assessment tool to capture the skills profile of resettled Syrian refugees, organize information sessions to host communities, produce information videos sharing experiences of resettled refugees and offer tailored post-arrival support to refugees.

The Leeds Session will be held at 2nd Floor, Oak House, 94 Park Lane, Leeds, LS3 1EL on Monday 29th October. Registration 9:45am. Start at 10am. Lunch included.

To register, please complete the form and return to IOM. Deadline 19th October.

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