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Info from Migration Yorkshire – w/c 7th June 2021

HO/SMP (Home Office/Strategic Migration Partnership) weekly COVID call 03.06.2021

Intake and occupancy:

  • There has a high level of intake over the recent days
  • Capacity is ok in Initial Accommodation space for the short-term, but new arrivals are taking some of this capacity. Home Office will keep some hotels open rather than stand up new ones if they need IA bed space.
  • Increase in arrivals will impact Operation Oak [the name the Home Office have given to the process of closing the hotels] and plans to move people out of hotels.

Please see updates below from Public Health England:

 The Health and Safety Executive are doing a campaign aimed at work settings re COVID. They have made the resources available in some different languages. Languages include Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, Gujarati, Urdu and Punjabi.

Leaflets are on this page

And posters are available on this page

NE&Y&H Partnership Webinar(s)/Workshop(s) offer for VCS partners: Responding to Vaccine Hesitancy/Building Vaccine Confidence – Various dates available.

 Building on the foundations of the ‘Good Conversations’ workshops run in Y&H, we have commissioned a new Vaccines Conversations workshop aimed at people who are in regular contact with members of the public, this initial offer of 20 workshop (circa 600 places across NE & Y&H) is aimed at trusted community champions who are already embedded in our communities.  Subject to demand we hope to extend this offer to local authority Covid hub/trace teams and health and social care staff.

Concept and Objectives

The rollout of the Covid19 vaccination programme has been rightly lauded a huge success however vaccine hesitancy amongst some eligible populations can present a risk to population health and more often negatively impact our some of our poorest communities and/or risk groups.  Our conversations our powerful therefore the provision of skills training than uses the principles of Making Every Contact Count (MECC) and Motivation Interviewing (MI) is an important skill that can be utilised to combat disinformation and myths and whilst providing the necessary reassurance and confidence in what is a safe and effective vaccine.

The skills training covers:

*       How can we work together to build vaccine confidence, what we know and how this links to health inequality

*       Core skills and processes (OARS, Evoke-Provide-Evoke, Decisional Balance, and the 3As)

*       Skills practice – Building confidence in the vaccine

*       Resources that staff can use to respond to questions and concerns

The session will be interactive and include modelled conversations that showcase the core skills and processes being used.  The application of this work can be far-reaching. Although this is focused on the Covid vaccination programme, these skills can be utilised for childhood immunisations, flu vaccine, cancer screening and other health-promoting activities

This provision has been funded by NHSEI as part of the North East and Yorkshire Region Covid-19 support programme and will be delivered in partnership with PHE Y&H & NE and Regional MECC Networks for Y&H & NE.  Each workshop can caterer for 30 people and lasts for 2 hours, dates available from the 15 June to 08th July.

Click here for further information and booking links

 Health System Videos are here!

Lancashire County Council recently commissioned Rethink Rebuild Society to create a series of videos in Arabic that aim to raise awareness about Health System in England amongst Arabic-speaking Refugees. Below each video there is also a link with a booklet that includes more information about each topic.

Playlist of all five videos, which cover topics such as Introduction to the Health System in England, Mental Health, Dentistry, Family Planning and Maternity Care and Healthy Lifestyles is below. The videos are currently available on Rethink Rebuild Society YouTube channel and I do hope they reach many Arabic-speaking refugees beyond Lancashire too:

Each video’s script and imagery were carefully planned and created in collaboration with Arabic- speaking refugees, so it addresses the specific questions and needs they had whilst trying to navigate the health system in England. The booklets include extra information that could not fit within the video. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

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