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Home Office/Strategic Migration Partnership phonecall: key points w/c 21st October 2021

via Ally from PAFRAS

  • Negative cessations – Home Office are now processing asylum claims and are working through the backlog of outstanding claims.
  • Intake – Intake is still focussed around Kent but there have been increases in activity with new claims registered in N. Ireland and Scotland for different reasons. Small boats arrivals in Kent continue to be high, with 2,000 arrivals so far in October. The Home Office expect crossings to start reducing now as we are passed peak period.
  • Hotels and contingency accommodation – Hotel population nationally is 21,000 as of 17 October. As arrivals are expected to decrease Home Office will be looking at the estate and long-term plans from October to March. Home Office have been considering alternative sites and are planning the use of reception centres. Reception centres are expected to come into use in 2022. Home Office are in a position to start looking at a plan for the decant process from hotels. Home Office acknowledge the need to engage better with LAs when standing up hotels and are carrying out a piece of work to improve LA engagement.
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