Top Menu 2.0 is launched has been updated from the original site, which LASSN launched during Refugee Week in 2016

It still 

  • contains more than 200 places where refugees and asylum seekers can find help in Leeds,
  • is translated into 19 different languages
  • designed with cheap smartphones in mind, so it should look fabulous, no matter how old your phone is.

It also contains hard-to-find numbers for things like the the Home Office and Refugee Council offices in Leeds.

Some of the key changes are:

  • Simpler entries, with all the contact information easily accessible
  • We’ve updated the list of Categories (including adding “Trafficking and gender based violence” and “Volunteering”)
  • The website loads much faster because it is “lighter” and has slightly fewer features that not many people used, for example:
    • Most recent updates,
    • The “print this entry” feature
    • We removed turn-by-turn directions (although you can still use Google Maps very easily)

If you would like us to send you some posters/cards/stickers to publicise, you can now order them via the website. click here

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