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Have you been busy attending meetings during Covid? Claim back the time you spent in them at £35/hr

Thanks to Leeds Comunity Foundation, LMP can now provide back-fill costs to groups and organisations who attend strategic meetings in Leeds, and help to get the voices and opinions of Migrant Communities at the decision making tables – until the end of March 2021

This offer is open to all groups and organisations – all we ask is that you give some basic info about you, the meetings you’ve attended, and how you have shared this with other LMP members. (We won’t just pay you to attend meetings and keep quiet about it. We expect you to share.) Oh, and we won’t pay this into personal bank accounts. it has to be via an organizational account.  

This is about funding your participation in meetings other than LMP Zoom meetings and/or Strategy Meetings, so please don’t claim for these – unless it’s your first time (in which case, give it a shot, and we’ll judge each case on its merits).  We also want to spread the money as widely as we can and will prioritise smaller groups who find it hard to attend things.  

Full Terms and conditions are on the form below or in this link 

If you are not sure about something, please email [email protected] or call him on 07845 298047 and he’ll be happy to help 


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