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Guest Blog: Leeds for Change

Admittedly, not directly related to issues of asylum, refuge or migration – but very much focused on activism in Leeds.

Politics, culture, comedy, health, food, gender, mischief and loads more besides in every update.

This is what their last one looked like: Sign up to Leeds for Change




Leeds for Change Mid-January Update

It’s such a busy month for events in Leeds, so here’s our second update of the month to make sure you don’t miss out on any good stuff!


We’ve been busy working hard on our new website which will be relaunching shortly. We’re now looking for beta testers to take a look at the website before the official launch to give us their feedback and suggestions. There’ll be no need to come to us, just preview the new website from the comfort of your own home and give us your valuable opinions. If you’d like to be involved in shaping the new website please email [email protected] who will be in touch.

Add your events to next month’s newsletter by emailing [email protected], or signing up to Leeds for Change.

Mon 15/1/18 19:00

Leeds Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Leeds PSC January 2018 open meeting

Leeds PSC open monthly meeting. We stand for Palestinian self-determination, cultural expression & nurturing resistance esp BDS against Israel’s Occupation, Apartheid & International Law violations. We seek to bring pressure on governments and others to act.

Tue 16/1/18 19:15

Leeds for Change

Film Night!

Film night – a 10 year old starlet shows us how money works and how it can be made to work better. We’ll discuss what goes on and see what we can learn from it. We may find out a bit more about how banking works too. All welcome, please read, book (link on main page) and come along.

Wed 17/1/18 19:00


Campaign Rally – Leeds

It’s time for change in Usdaw – we cannot carry on as we are punching below our weight whilst our members live daily with threats of cuts to pay and working conditions. Join us to discuss how we can elect a fighting leadership of our trade union and adopt a fighting approach that stands up to the companies we work for and demand change.

Thu 18/1/18 20:00

Trans Pride Leeds

Trans Pride Leeds Launch Event

On Thursday 18th Jan 2018 come join Jamie & Sophia to hear about plans for Trans Pride Leeds. There will be also be an opportunity for you to suggest any ideas as well as sign up to volunteer and get involved in making the Trans Pride Leeds events happen

Fri 19/1/18 17:30



Leeds Coalition Against the War 


Sisters not Soldiers Fundraiser

Sister in solidarity not femmes in fatalities! Come along and enjoy performances from our amazing line up featuring inspiring spoken word; music from echoey acoustics to the eerie whirlwind of trippy harmonies from Joule; and dynamic dance and experimental jazz collaboration of Marie Köhl and J Frisco… and many more stunning performers! And a few super surprises…

Sat 20/1/18 10:00

Leeds Permaculture Network

Permaculture Design Course – Leeds

The Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is a certified and holistic course encompassing a wide range of topics that demonstrate how to work with our ecological and social environment. Participants will gain knowledge and skills to enable them to design and implement the principles of permaculture in the creation of truly sustainable systems that can enable us to live well and with respect for each other and the earth.

Sat 20/1/18 10:30

No Borders Leeds

Leeds transport to Demo #ShutDownMortonHall

STOP DEATHS IN DETENTION: SHUT DOWN DETENTION CENTRES Shut Down Morton Hall IRC Protest ** BOOK YOUR PLACE ASAP BY TEXTING 07466699812 ** Leeds transport: leaving Wharf Chambers LS2 7EQ 10.30am returning 4.30pm.

Sat 20/1/18 11:00

Health Campaigns Together

Northern Health Campaigns Together Conference

We want to expose the myths behind the language used to cover up cuts, privatisations, ward and hospital closures. Speakers will address a range of topics and watch this space for more information.

Mon 22/1/18 18:00

Open Source Arts

Undercover Vegan: a 4 week crash course

Do you yearn to give veganism a go but feel unsure of how to make tasty, wholesome and satisfying meals without the assistance of dairy? Or perhaps you’re already vegan but require some inspiration and are keen to add a few more tasty tricks to your repertoire?! This 4 week Undercover Vegan cookery course will help you gently transition from vegetarian to vegan.

Mon 22/1/18 17:00

The LGBT+ Agenda – Leeds

LGBT+ Faith: World Religion Day

Come and join us for a roundtable discussion focusing on LGBT+ people of faith and the two intersecting identities! We will cover: The challenges for LGBT+ people of faith The collaborative action needed to overcome these challenges The opportunities for the agenda going forward How we can create a city that is fully inclusive for LGBT+ faith communities

Mon 22/1/18 19:00

Plan C

Revolution in Rojava: Report Back from Volunteers

Sarah Patton and Peter Loo, members of Plan C who spent 9 months working for the civil side of the Rojava revolution, will present a talk and discussion about the revolution and its current situation.

Mon 22/1/18 19:30


Lolshevism – with headliner Joby Mageean

Its 2018 and with the new year comes a new Lolshevism! Your favorite socialist feminist comedy club returns braced to inflict leftist lunacy upon an unsuspecting audience, right up until the Nuclear bombs start falling.

Wed 24/1/18 18:00

Green Drinks Leeds

The Future of Transport: Green Drinks Leeds January 2018

Green Drinks Leeds is real life social networking for anyone interested in or working on environmental issues and projects.

Thu 25/1/18 18:00

Stand Up to Racism

Leeds Holocaust Memorial Day meeting with Merilyn Moos

Leeds Holocaust Memorial Day meeting with Merilyn Moos (author and child of anti-Nazi refugees) 6pm Mill Hill Chapel, City Square, co-hosted by Leeds Stand Up to Racism and Leeds Unite Against Fascism and supported by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.

Fri 2/2/18 12:00

Leeds Poverty Truth Commission

Leeds Poverty Truth Commission closing event

You are invited to the closing event of the 2nd Leeds Poverty Truth Commission. Following 18 months of encounter, exploration and experimentation we, the Leeds Poverty Truth Commissioners, would like to invite you to come and hear, see and discuss what we’ve discovered, learnt and plan to do next as we launch our manifesto for the city. Teas and coffees on arrival.

Sat 3/2/18 09:00


Theatre of the Oppressed

Theatre of the Oppressed is a range of techniques, games and exercises, developed to support the empowerment and liberation of individuals and their communities. It is a way of analysing the power dynamics of our society and our personal relationships, based on the belief that personal problems are social problems.

Tue 6/2/18 19:00

Café Economique

Economic Fraud in Africa

There is evidence that economic fraud has, in recent years, become routine activity in the economies of both high- and low-income countries. Many business sectors in today’s global economy are rife with economic crime. In this talk Dr Jörg Wiegratz argues that that there is a close link between neoliberalism, the major reform programme of our times, and the rise in fraud in so many countries across the world.

Thu 8/2/18 10:00

University of Leeds Sustainability

Student Sustainability Conference 2018: Shaping the Future

The University of Leeds’ second Student Sustainability Conference will be taking place on Thursday 8th February, 2018. The overarching theme for this year is ‘Shaping the Future’, bringing students, staff, businesses and members of the public together to experience the diversity of Undergraduate and Postgraduate work which reflect aspects of positive social, economic and environmental development.

Sat 17/2/18 10:00

LUU Rooted

Leeds Radical Herbalism Day 1

Save the date! spread the word! Full programme TBA. A day of practical workshops, skillshares, talks and discussions. Lunch & dinner will be on sale plus refreshments throughout the day. Evening entertainment. Sliding scale tickets, no one turned away due to lack of funds.

Sun 17/2/18 10:00

LUU Rooted

Leeds Radical Herbalism Day 2

Save the date! spread the word! Full programme TBA. A day of practical workshops, skillshares, talks and discussions. Lunch & dinner will be on sale plus refreshments throughout the day. Evening entertainment. Sliding scale tickets, no one turned away due to lack of funds.

Sat 17/2/18 10:30

Leeds Friends Of The Earth

Friends of the Earth BASE: Yorkshire

Friends of the Earth’s BASE: Yorkshire is a chance for new and Seasoned campaigns, activists, and people who want to take action for the planet to come together: connect. act and build resilience.



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