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Guest Blog: City of Sanctuary

Each week, we try and showcase a blog/newsletter that’s interesting/useful and carries content that you won’t usually find on the Migration Partnership Info Blog. 

This week it’s City of Sanctuary’s newsletter which comes out monthly, and contains national news relating to their activities.  In their words

“Our newsletter aims to update and inspire the network and our partners” and is a round-up of posts made by City of Sanctuary Groups across the country.  

  • Sanctuary in Parliament 28th November 2017
  • City of Sanctuary founder wins national peace award
  • Mental Health Support for Asylum Seekers
  • Learning and Sharing Together Y& H
  • Schools of Sanctuary
  • City of Sanctuary Charter
  • City of Sanctuary Annual Review 2016-17
  • Asylum accommodation not to standard
  • Will your MP support a new EDM for a TimeLimit on Detention?
  • Report on how the Home office continues detaining survivors of sexual violence
  • New research from Refugee Action: English language provision
  • New Report from Refugee council – ‘Refugees without Refuge’
  • Refugee Week 2018 resource pack

Have a read of it here

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