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Free Workshop by Karma Nirvana: Early Identification of Honour Based Abuse Workshop

There is a free workshop during Safeguarding week (1.5 hours) on Honour Based Abuse. 

Karma Nirvana will deliver the workshops. The aims are to:

  • Build resilience when challenging issues of ‘cultural sensitivity’
  • To recognise HBA/FM as a safeguarding matter
  • Increase professional confidence through education
  • Improve effective supportive responses to victims
  • Encourage critical thinking to challenge justifications of abuse on basis of culture
  • Awareness of the survivor ambassador website: (copy and paste this link into your web browser)
  • Call for action – develop victim pathways for safe and effective responses

Here’s the link to book a place.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop yourselves please contact Alex Nejad at Karma Nirvana 


  • FREE
  • From 50 delegates
  • Aimed at individual organisations, however based on limited capacity to organise two multi-agency events whereby individuals from each organisation can attend the workshop training
  • For multi-agency training organising venue and refreshments either by lead host organisation or other means
  • Bookings held by each organisation and for multi-agency workshops by lead organisation ideally where workshop is held.
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