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It’s an immigration law blog, so you’ll not be surprised that some of it can be rather detailed & dense. But if you’re researching something, it’s clear, thoughtful, and very well written. 

Best of Free Movement.

Best Of Free Movement

Free Movement has been going for nine years now and a lot of great content is hosted on the site. Here’s a few of our favourites, both old and new, which you might not already know about covering a range of topics:

  1. What should EU/EEA nationals and their family members do following the Brexit referendum vote? This popular post looks at the options.
  2. Thinking of applying for permanent residence? Check out this detailed guide.
  3. Paddington Bear would have a poor case for refugee status and the Brown family would face up to 14 years in prison for helping him.
  4. The Human Rights Act doesn’t really prevent the deportation of serious foreign criminals.
  5. The UK Home Office commissioned research into why “migrants” in Calais want to come to the UK. The results are not what you would expect.
  6. The Home Office pretends that EU residence document applications must be made on official forms. They don’t.
  7. Sir Nicolas Winton, lauded as a hero of his time, forged documents to help Jewish refugee children escape the Nazis.
  8. British citizenship rules were tightened up in December 2015 causing problems for anyone who has previously breached immigration laws.
  9. The fees for immigration applications were hiked by a massive 20% for family and nationality applications and the Home Office now make a significant profit on each application.
  10. It is now virtually impossible to bring elderly relatives to the UK to care for them, even for British citizens.
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