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Free 5 week online course for volunteers/interpreters/practitioners working with refugees

Working Supportively With Refugees: Principles, Skills and Perspectives

Learn how the principals of psychological well-being, communication and interpretation can benefit your work with refugees.

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Refugees are a diverse group, speaking many languages and of varied religions and ethnicities. This course acknowledges that skills requirements are changing rapidly and offers training for those working in this area.

Combining principals of psychological well-being, intercultural communication, interpretation and conflict management, this course will help you to understand who refugees are and how you can support their integration in the receiving countries.

Topics covered include:

  • The basics about human migration, refugees and legal framework
  • Cultural diversity and interethnic relations
  • Socialisation, conflict resolution and social inclusion
  • Principles on psychological well-being and socio-emotional health in refugee cases. Strategies for the mediator to support the target group and their own self-care
  • Communication and interpreting in contexts of cultural mediation
  • The practice of cultural mediation in the reality of refugees


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