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Forced and Precarious Labour in the Global Economy – Free online course – Starts September 18th

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for anyone wanting to understand more about forced and precarious labour! Watch the YouTube trailer

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Starting September 18th 2019

Forced and Precarious Labour in the Global Economy

This free online course explains how global economic systems manufacture vulnerability, and how worker and migrant rights can be strengthened.

Week One: Introducing The Global Challenge of Forced and Precarious Labour

Week Two: Global Supply Chains and Labour Exploitation

Week Three: Combating Labour Exploitation in Global Supply Chains

Week Four: Migrant Labour and the Global Economy: Outsourcing exploitation

Week Five: Legal Rights and Workplace Protections for Migrant Workers
Week Six: Commercial Sex and the Global Economy

Week Seven: Commercial Sex and Decent Work: Rights not Rescue.

Week Eight: Strategies for combating forced and precarious labour: More than bad apples and deviant criminals

Week Nine: Wrap up

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