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EU Settlement Scheme – digital assistance services and ID checking

The EU Settlement Scheme was opened fully from the end of March 2019 for EU citizens to apply online for settled or pre-settled status dependent on the number of years of residency in the UK. 
To support people to apply the government has offered a range of support including digital assistance services and ID checking.
Leeds City Council Customer Access Service have signed up to provide digital assistance and ID Scanning through 5 of their community hubs:

•          Merrion House (Monday – Friday 9am – 12pm by appointment)
•          Reginald Centre (Tuesday 9am – 12pm by appointment)
•          Dewsbury Road (Thursdays 9am – 12pm by appointment)
•          Armley (Mondays 10am – 12pm by appointment)
•          Compton Centre (Thursdays 9am – 12pm by appointment)
In addition, the Council has grant funded the following local VCFS organisations to do community outreach aimed at increasing community awareness of the scheme:
•              Path Yorkshire
•              Baltica Supplementary School
•              Polish Catholic Mission
•              Settled ( the 3 million)
•              St Vincents
•              Leeds City Council Gypsy Roma Traveller team

More details of the Council’s offer can be found on the following website along with links to national guidance and toolkits.

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